Empath | Healer | Clairvoyant | Business Intuitive | Entrepreneur
Katherine Thomson, from Darwin, Australia, is a spiritually gifted empath, healer, and clairvoyant, with a profound journey that began in 2012, leading her to various psychic and spiritual disciplines worldwide. She combines her spiritual calling, guided by her connection with the divine, with her impressive background as a lawyer, accountant, and successful entrepreneur, to heal and guide others, especially in business intuition. Embracing her role chosen by God, Katherine is dedicated to breaking through ancestral patterns and helping others realize their true essence while sharing profound divine wisdom and healing.


Hi, Im Katherine Thomson, grew up in a small town called Darwin in the Northern Territory, Australia. Im a highly sensitive person – an empath, a healer, clairvoyant, business intuitive and entrepreneur. My spiritual awakening started first in 2012. When I felt the presence and deep connection with my father. I later learned he became my guide as I opened by senses and abilities to the spiritual arena.

A yearning for “all things on the other side”and my new found discipline had me attend all sorts of psychic, spiritual mediumship and angel healing classes and retreats over the world. As my connection to the higher realms deepened, so did my connection with God. I have been chosen by God to help heal and guide humanity thru love in these challenging times.

Having recently stepped out of the spiritual closest in 2022, Katherine now dedicates her time and energy to assisting and spreading the profound wisdom of healing and love from God by connecting deep within each persons soul.

Katherine has seen over 25 of past lives in regressions and knows this is her life right now, that will bring to head the suffering of the past. Often burnt as a witch on a cross, this lifetime is about breaking thru the karmic ancestral patterns and helping others see their true essence.

A LITTLE about me

Healing modalities that changed my life

Past Life Regression with Brian Weiss


QHHT with Dolores Cannon


Angel Readings




Emotional Code


Mediumship training at Arthur Finlay College

7 figure business entrepreneur

I am also an accomplished business entrepreneur, having qualified as a Lawyer and accountant in the busy corporate world, before running and establishing very successful businesses with turnovers in excess of 7 figures per year.

Whilst nurturing my business with my spiritual gifts, I have been able to side step towards my true calling of assisting and healing others in our convoluted world particularly in business intuition, and showing others how to step out of the spiritual closet and shine in their true essence.

fun facts

  • My first awakening was in 2012 when my deceased father tapped me on my shoulder and from there it opened my eyes to spiritual world
  • Since then I studied all over the world, any modality I could immerse myself in spiritual and metaphysical teachings
  • I love getting quiet in my mind and hearing what the universe wants to tell me.
  • I have developed animal communication with my 2 dogs who now converse with me daily!
  • I love the sun & sea but its not the best with my skin
  • I am claircognizant and have been able to “know the truth”
  • All animals play a special place in my heart